Sacred Site Protection and Acquisition

The NALC continues to protect and acquire sacred lands across Southeastern California. Click on the following list to find out more about how we work to save sacred lands.


Check Out Our Ongoing Projects

Old Woman Mountains Preserve

The Old Woman Mountains Preserve is our flagship preserve. To learn more about our recent projects and improvements, click here!

Totem Pole Journey

The NALC has sponsored the Totem Pole Journey to support the Lummi Nation and others in defending the sacred sites in the Pacific Northwest.


Past Projects

Horse Canyon

In this project, we worked alongside other tribes, conservation groups, and agencies in order to protect the 1640-acre Canyon in the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Ancient Cahuilla Fish Traps (Freeman Property)

This program, which is funded by the Trust for Public Lands, provides site monitor and tribal liaison for the Ancient Cahuilla Fish Traps near the Salton Sea. The site, endangered by the use of the area of off-road vehicles, has a longstanding importance to the local Native American community. The site monitor serves to both register and record use of the site and to help develop protective measures for this unique cultural and historical area. There is also an educational kiosk on the property.