Partner Spotlight

The Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians

Since 1998, the Twenty-Nine Palms Band has supported the NALC and our projects to protect and preserve sacred lands. We are glad to continue our relationship with the Twenty-Nine Palms Band.

California State Parks- Off-Highway Vehicle Division

The NALC has worked on restoration projects using funds from the California State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle program. These restoration projects include the creation of educational kiosks, a new interpretive trail and new fencing on heavily used areas of the Preserve.

Tribal Partners and Federal Agencies

The Cultural Conservancy

The Salt Song Project, a collaborative project of the NALC and the Cultural Conservancy, revitalized the Southern Paiute Salt Songs.

The Kumeyaay-Diegueño Land Conservancy

The NALC mentored the KDLC, a land trust based in eastern San Diego County, until they obtained their non-profit status in 2013.

The Bureau of Land Management

The NALC works with the BLM on land management in their Old Woman Mountains Wilderness.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

The NALC has worked on projects to manage indigenous flora and fauna in the Old Woman Mountains through the USFWS Tribal Wildlife Grant program.