The Old Woman Mountains Preserve (OWMP)

Supported in part by Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, the NALC purchased the cultural landscape that is now the Old Woman Mountains Preserve. The 2,560-acre Preserve is located in the Ward Valley, 40 miles west of the Colorado River in the northern extension of the Old Woman Mountains. The site was purchased in order to protect its traditional cultural properties, which include the flora and fauna that have a unique historical meaning and value to the Native American community.

Now, the NALC manages the property, and runs several programs there. The NALC is restoring sensitive areas from off-highway vehicle use in cooperation with local scientists and the Bureau of Land Management. The NALC has also worked with the Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center and the San Bernardino County Museum to conduct biological surveys of the property and its flora and fauna. The NALC is also actively involved in protecting the desert tortoise population and the native plant communities that support them. The land is also used for Learning Landscape programs that engage tribal youth on their traditional cultural landscapes. This preserve is managed to protect its biological, cultural, and historic resources while we continue to use it as a sacred and healing landscape.

Programs Held at the OWMP

Learning Landscapes

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Scientific Studies

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OHV Restoration

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Fun facts about Old Woman Mountains

- Elevation in the Old Woman Mountains ranges from 800-5,300ft.


- The Old Woman Meteorite, found in the Old Woman Mountains, is the largest found in California and the second largest found in the United States.


- There are 24 known springs and seeps in the Old Woman Mountains.