Off Highway Vehicle Restoration

In the last several years, there has been an increase in poaching activity and Off-Highway vehicle use in unauthorized areas in the Old Woman Mountains and on the Old Woman Mountains Preserve. Partnering with the Bureau of Land Management (Needles Field Office), the NALC was awarded a $500,000 grant from California State Parks for restoration and management of the OWMP from 2014-2017.


Thanks to our partners and project volunteers, which included the Bureau of Land Management, the Blair Family, American Conservation Experience, and volunteers from the Sierra Club. Without their support, our restoration work would not be possible!

The NALC was able to...

Install thousands of feet of Fencing on the OWMP and adjoining BLM lands to protect sensitive areas


Create a new welcoming gateway to the Preserve


Restore areas damaged from Off-Highway Vehicle use in the OWMP


Construct new gates on roads


Create a new interpretive trail in the Preserve that highlights significant desert plants


Build four new educational kiosks for use by the general public


Fun facts about Old Woman Mountains

- Elevation in the Old Woman Mountains ranges from 800-5,300ft.


- The Old Woman Meteorite, found in the Old Woman Mountains, is the largest found in California and the second largest found in the United States.


- There are 24 known springs and seeps in the Old Woman Mountains.